Saturday, September 19, 2009

Too busy to blog!!

We've been gettin'er done the last couple of weeks!!!

I now have hot and cold running water in the studio (and a new double laundry sink with a fancy, schmancy faucet that pulls out and sprays!!) I have shelves and I have my glaze ingredients somewha
t organized. It's the fun part now!

I also have the capacity to fire my electric kiln and I have propane running to the kiln, house and studio!!! Most of the work was done by our local gas company!! They had the equipment and the know-how
to make it go smooth as a gravy sandwich! They got most of it done in 2 days and Steve had to work an additional couple days to tie it all together! (I do believe I've worn him out, he's snoring like a freight train in the easy chair as I'm typing!)

I have been happily potting away for the last couple weeks!! The weather's been g
orgeous, the garage door has been OPEN!!

The list of what still needs to be done has grown shorter.......finish the chimney and roof on the kiln shed. I've ordered extra kiln shelves and posts for the electric kiln. I've also ordered
cones and a protective cover for my pyrometer. I keep trying to go over things in my mind so I don't forget anything important once I start the firing!! Will have to paint kiln wash on the shelves, build the bagwalls, make wadding, mix up my glazes. What? What am iI forgetting? Probably it will turn out to be something really obvious, stupid, and necessary!!!

And now for a few photo updates.....

...nuthin' says "get-r-done" like a man with the proper equipment!!!

Big pile O' dirt = PROGRESS!!

This is a deep freakin' hole!! See where the hose is going in?? Well, you can also just barely see the top of the workman's shaved head. I think he was kneeling, but still, a deeeeeep hole!!

Trench digger came in handy too!

Bless their hearts, they put the dirt back from whence it came!

New gas tank residing behind the kiln...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Creative Juices are Flowing!

I feel like we're making progress!! The chimney is nearing completion. Today, a rep from the local propane company came out to give us an estimate on installing a tank and piping it to the kiln. He's also going to price piping it to the house (for the faus fireplace, so we can remove that little tank, and piping it to my studio so I can have heat this winter!!) They can also run the water line and electric for it. They charge so much a foot to dig the trench and run the gas line, so it shouldn't be a whole lot more expensive to have them also run the electric and water line. We would still have to buy the product. I think it will get done much quicker this way, even if it will cost a little more. Hopefully they don't price it too astronomically!! Steve said that the gas man wants to get it done by the end of the week because after that his help is going to be harvesting the local crops. I'm all for that!!

It's been an exciting week around here. Scott came out Sunday and we sprayed a coat of ITC on the interior of the kiln and the inside of the door bricks. ITC will protect the bricks from corroding as quickly from the salt. That should make it last longer. (Scott, you're such a trooper, thanks for coming out even though you threw your back out. I know you were hurtin' and I appreciate it!)

I am also excited because I have FINALLY started making some actual pots!!! It's been about 6 months since I've been on the wheel and it was making me pretty cranky! I suppose I could'v
e started sooner, but I wanted to wait until I could get a rhythm going. I wanted to be nearing completion of the kiln and get my studio somewhat organized before I started anything so I wouldn't have to break my momentum once I start producing. Of course, my momentum is so slow and sporadic that it might be difficult for the casual observer to tell the difference between broken and un-broken, momentum in my production schedule!!

I still need to do some organizing in the studio but I finally reached a point where I felt like if I didn't start making some pots I was going to tear someone apart limb from limb. Not anyone in particular, it would have been quite random, unexpected, and unjustified. Perhaps the UPS man, or the president of the Optimist Club. (And they both seem like really nice guys.)

And now I must quit blogging because I'm completely distracted by re-runs of The Office on TBS and must give it my full, undivided attention.

Working happily at my wheel......

I have an inspiring view from my wheel when I open the garage door......